Our Solutions will allow Gen Remote Dealers the option to add as many emails or phones numbers for alerts and pick the type of alerts that are most suited for each client. Your Dealer is connected LIVE to your Generators 24/7 and will be able to react to problems quicker on your behalf. This will ensure your Generators are always healthy and working when needed most.

Real-Time Alerts

Dealers will have access to Real-Time Data on your Generators and their Service Vehicles online and receive real-time status updates through email or text messages. You can add Unlimited users!

Maintenance Reminders

Access engine hours, review maintenance histories and maintenance costs. When the Generator is due for maintenance you and the Dealer are notified to avoid breakdown.

Customized Reports

Reports are automatically sent in PDF or Excel daily, weekly or monthly. Some of the reports Include: Maintenance Due Report, Time on Service and much more.

Generator Overview

Dealer will have access to the location of the Generator for easy dispatching and detailed information. Make, model, serial number, year and even the warranty date for quick resolution.

Live Dispatching

Dealers will be able to view all their Service Vehicles and Generators LIVE on one platform. Once the Service Vehicle has arrived on site you are automatically notified by via email or text.

Theft Protection

Our Theft Protection feature will provide real-time alerts when anomalies occur. If an equipment has been tampered or starts moving, you are notified with GPS coordinates.

Powerful Cloud Platform

Our proprietary Platform includes 50+ Features that help monitor your Generators LIVE remotely to ensure they are always healthy and working when needed most.

GEN Remote Cloud Access

Our platform is in the cloud, access information on your Generators from any computer or mobile device. No matter where you are in the world, you will have access to real-time data at your fingertips.

Powerful & Intuitive Interface

With the user-friendly interface and live feeds, users can easily identify the status of there generators remotely. Customize views, layouts, icons, color schemes and even upload your logo!

Reliable & Secure

We put a substantial emphasis on safeguarding our customers’ data assets and we are constantly updating our platform to exceed our clients’ security standards.

Global Network Coverage

GEN Remote Technologies uses 4G/LTE Wireless Connectivity for the most reliable signal. We have established agreements with the top global carriers to provide access to cellular networks worldwide. We are carrier-agnostic, our goal is to choose the strongest and most reliable connection available, regardless of location or operator.

This tool is only used as preliminary search. Coverage may vary. Your Dealer will confirm prior to install.








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